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Enjoy our delicious granola products--all of which are made right outside the Detroit area, in Rochester Michigan. We make handmade granola bars, gluton free granola, cookies, and much much more. These granola bars and other granola products are made with no preservatives, contain fresh Michigan fruits, and many other natural ingredients. Monica Jahnke is the owner and inventor of all these granola products, so she makes sure all of her product-line arrives to your place of business or home in a professional manner, with freshness in mind each time. In fact, we hand pack everything daily!

You can count on Muschies Baked Goods for the best granola bars, granola, and other fantastic products. Sure you can buy a less expensive, or a more popular brand of granola products, but don't be fooled by all the "fluff." You will automatically realize that Muschie's granola products are undoubtedly the finest around, right from the minute you taste our "all natural" products. The competition will try to copy us, but there's really nothing like the original Muschie's Baked Goods. Where taste and nutrition makes a big difference!

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